About us


The Kurgo brand, every product we make, everything we care about, and the sum total of what we hope to encourage in your life, is summed up with one word: go. Because your dog isn’t merely a companion. She isn’t a pet. She’s even more than a dog. Your dog is your best friend, a family member, a companion in your capers, an accomplice in your excursions. You have places to go--maybe it’s to the ends of the earth, maybe it’s to the end of your street--and you want your dog to go, too. Go safely, go comfortably, and go happily. Our products are meant to make it possible to go more places, more easily than ever before. We design them not just to stay out of the way of your journeys, but to enhance them. We want them to enable more togetherness and greater peace of mind. We want them, in short, to make it more fun to go anywhere and everywhere with your dog. That’s why everything we make is designed for simplicity, durability, and need. We’ve never stopped being honored when someone invests their money in something we’ve made. So we’ll never stop making sure they’re glad the did. Dogs have always been central to our lives, and we know how important they are to you. We hope you’ll let us help you go even further together.