Repair & Replace Service


At Kurgo, your satisfaction is very important to us. We want you to be a Kurgo customer for life. For this reason, we offer a Repair and Replace Service in addition to our regular Lifetime Warranty for customers located in the US & Canada. If you are outside of the US and Canada and have an issue with a Kurgo product, please contact Kurgo Customer Support directly at

All products, except our dog toys, are covered regardless of the abuse. Yes, this includes, chewing, tug-a-war, soiling, dropping out of an airplane, normal wear and tear, abuse, accident, critters, or natural breakdown of materials over extended use and time, etc.


  1. Fill out the Repair & Replace Form and please make sure to include all information.

  2. Send the completed form and damaged product back to Kurgo.

  3. We will repair or replace the product for a nominal fee (see below). If the product is replaced we will do so with a product of equal or greater value. We constantly improve our products so the replacement may be slightly different than your original product.

  4. Your repaired or replaced product will be sent back within 5 working days + shipping time. We will ship back via FedEx, UPS or USPS and charge you $5.95 for shipping.

  5. US and Canada only. If you are outside of the US, Europe, or Canada and have an issue with a Kurgo product, please contact Kurgo Customer Support directly at

  6. If you are in Europe, you can reach our EU Customer Contact Center [email:, phone:+353 (0) 76-892-0427]

Repair and Replacement Fees

$3.00 + $5.95 Shipping – Direct-to-Seatbelt & Seatbelt Loop Tethers, Leashes, Collars, Dog Bowls, Food Carriers, Wheel Felts

$6.00 + $5.95 ShippingHarnesses, Zip Line, Swivel Tether, Door Guard, Bucket Seat Covers, Coats, Tire Totes, Up and About Dog Lifter

$10.00 + $5.95 ShippingBench Seat Covers, Hammocks, Cargo Capes, Booster Seats, Carriers, Shoes, Life Vests, Baxter Dog Backpacks, Backseat Barrier, Backseat Bridge, Tire Garage, Beds

$18.00+ $5.95 Shipping – Wander Dog Ramp, Wander Cargo Barrier